Dark Colored Beer Can Be Good for Your Heart

The actual reason why people should take beer is not really because of their great taste but its color. You have to decide whether one should take dark beer or light beer.

As per the heart researchers of University of Wisconsin, beer with dark brew is much better as it can help to prevent blood clots.

According to John D. Folts, who is director and also professor of medicine of the research laboratory for coronary thrombosis at University of Wisconsin, Madison, told WebMD that German style dark lager is quite rich in flavonoids, that has powerful antioxidant effect.

According to Dr. Folts, the rich flavonoid of dark colored beer can make red wine friendlier to our heart than white wine. Also, purple grape juice can be a much better choice for young toddlers instead of taking white grape juice.

During the Scientific Session at American Heart Association during 2003, Folts presented his results of various studies made by him about dark beer vs. light beer.

Dr. Folts and his other colleagues fed both light and dark beer to dogs which had narrow arteries in the hearts, which is similar to that found in people suffering from heart disease.

Dogs who were fed with dark beer were found to be having less stickiness in their blood clotting. This was also true even though blood alcohol content in the dogs maintained was the same.

According to him, same experiments were also done with humans by feeding 2 bottles of dark and light beer a day. People who were fed with dark beer were found more active to fight against blood clots, as compared to those fed with light beer.

Whether Flavonoids is the Key?

According to Valentine Fuster, who is director of cardiovascular institute, says that he is not too convinced that flavonoids can add anything to already well-known alcohol effect on heart protection.

Fuster, who did not participate in the study however he studied various relationship exists between alcohol and lower risk for heart related disease, said that all alcohol related studies must be approached with lots of caution.

That is because these data will always be misinterpreted by people and they will consume more alcohol. In fact, drinking more than 2 drinks in a day will be too much.

People who drink dark beer or red wine or also purple grape juice can get maximum amount of heart benefit when they drink all these beverages along with meals.

Thus, they can fight against increase in free radicals in the body which occurs when their body starts metabolizing the foods.

According to Dr. Folts, free radicals can trigger oxidative stress that is linked to the heart disease.