Like Extra Punch For Your Beer? Try A Michelada!

Cocktails have always excited spirit enthusiasts, and while there are endless classic cocktail recipes out there, only selected ones rely on beer as the base. If you are a fan of beer with a twist, michelada or chelada is a drink you need to try. Michelada is a traditional Mexican drink, which is popular all over the country and beyond. The concoction is basically about beer with a mix of spices and lime juice, and it’s one of the most traditional and famed beer cocktails in Latin culture. With the right mix of lime and Mambo michelada mix, you can make a new version of your favorite beer in minutes. Here’s more on what you need to know.

The michelada story

Some trace the history of michelada way back to 1940s, while some claim that owners of a sports bar invented the drink in 1970s. Many people also believe that michelada or “Mi Chela Helada” translates into my-frozen-beer. Nevertheless, michelada became a popular choice all across Mexico and is a staple of sorts, and the best part is everyone can have their own version of the drink, which relies on the base of their favorite beer. Michelada remains a preferred choice for those who like their beer with that extra heat and punch. The best part is many companies now sell michelada mixes, so you don’t have to think of the spice blend anymore. Some versions of this beer cocktail also relies on tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce, depending on the preparation.

Can you make michelada at home?

Yes, absolutely! All you need is the right michelada mix. Start by cooling your beer mugs. You really need a cooled mug for this recipe. Now, dab some lime juice on the rim, so that salt can stick on. The rim must be prepped well, and some people actually prefer the idea of using a spice mix for the punch. Next, squeeze in some lime juice in the mug and add your michelada mix in the mug. Make sure that you check the exact amount you need for each drink, which may vary from one brand to another. The final step is to pour in chilled beer. You can use all sorts of beer and from any brand to make your own version of michelada.

Making your michelada at home could be the best thing for your next house party, and we promise everyone would love it!