Tips to Help You Plan A Perfect Party at A Bar or Restaurant

If you are planning to invite around 50 people for an upcoming party you are hosting or a family gathering, your home may not be able to accommodate everyone. Plan it in a sleek pub or restaurant for an even better experience. It is possible to host a fun party at a restaurant without breaking the bank.

Plan ahead:

Start by planning well in advance. Do you want to plan the dinner in a private room or are you going to meet during happy hours that extend into dinner? A classy place for happy hour in Orlando is American Social Bar. Swing by with your people between 4pm and 7pm for mouth-watering appetizers and drinks at discounted prices.

Get acquainted with the bartender:

After you have selected a venue, visit the place when it is less busy and talk to the bartender. You could then talk to the manager about your party plan. The manager may refer you to the owner. Include all the details and they’ll help you plan the party. Maintain a positive relationship with the staff and management.

Focus on the details when deciding on a venue:

  • Is the venue available on the preferred date and time?
  • How do they charge? Is it cost per person or does it depend on the consumption?
  • When are you required to let the venue know the final headcount?
  • Are there options for audio/visual entertainment?
  • Am I allowed to bring decorations like vase and balloons?

Curate the menu:

If you are meeting for dinner at a restaurant, you can discuss with the chef to have a smaller curated menu. The kitchen staff would welcome this idea. You can ask them to serve few appetizers and let the party guests choose between three salads, entree and dessert options. Either print the menu or request the venue to do it for you.

Encourage clear communication:

Good communication with the restaurant staff is the key to smooth planning. Ensure both you and the venue management are clear about everything before the day of the party. Ask about their cancellation policy. Check if there is a limit of how many people you may bring.

If the party was a success, tip the staff generously. It would be a nice gesture to write them a thank-you note few days after the party. If you maintain a good relationship with the venue team, it would be easier to plan another event in any of their other branches.